We’re almost at the end. Today is the last day of the semester: Milestone Make-Up Day. Since we’re a private non-profit organization, community-funded, and not a part of the school system, that means a relaxing wrap-up day for our kids. I asked them to spend some time reflecting on the four months they’ve spend with us. The handful of students who came to class today answered the following question:

As I think back on the semester, I think of  ______________________

  • the discussions with Mr Dave as a place for every one to discuss their opinions about something and usually everyone is respectful.
  • how we’re able to say anything we need to or want to here and it’s not judged or said to anyone outside of this building.
  • the devotions that help us realize how we should be living and also let us know how other people have messed up in the Bible and God still used them.
  • how we learned life lessons that help us become better adults in the future
  • how they open our eyes and help us see the things in ourselves that need to change.
  • learning life skills through the Bible and discussions.
  • knowing that God loves us and how much He loves us. He’s just waiting for us to open our hearts to Him.
  • going through a few books of the Bible like James and Titus.
  • how we learned to be safe and cautious in relationships.
  • learning how to respect the person you are in a relationship with.
  • the importance of having a healthy self-image.
  • how amazing Mrs. Walker is.
  • guest speakers sharing their experiences as Christians.
  • understanding differences between the genders.
  • learning that we need a Barnabas but we need to be Paul.


These were the responses of the 6 students I spoke to. We had over 128 students walk through our doors this semester. I can’t wait to see the impact in the months and years to come.


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