Can We Trust the Bible?

The following is a compilation of excerpts from the writings of our current students (Kyle and Brooke).

I thought the lesson about the reliability of the Bible was probably the most important lesson taught at HCLC. Today, Christians often have a bad reputation. People think they are rude, pushy, and naive. This means people these days struggle to believe in God, and many who are trying to believe have doubts.

How do we know if the Bible is real? Is there any proof? Sometimes it is hard for people to believe without facts.

One of the main things that I enjoyed learning about at HCLC was our Bible study guide. It showed us how the Bible gave 333 predicted prophecies about Jesus. Then, we learned that 400-1000 years later the prophecies came true about Jesus. I think that is just amazing how God gave them the prophecies and they came true. I learned in the whole Bible are 3 languages. The Old Testament is in Hebrew and the New Testament is in Greek/Aramaic.

There have been over 20 sources of non-Christians that recorded the life of Jesus by doing research on what the Bible says. They go to places, do digs, and find remains of what the Bible teaches us. There have been over 100 years of biblical digs at over 25,000 sites. It amazed me when I heard about how many there was and how it went right along with the Bible.

The lesson on the Bible shows the proof people often need. It proves the Bible is reliable and accurate. It shows what prophecies were fulfilled. It even shows that no discovery ever has contradicted the Bible. For me, I’ve always believed in God, Jesus, and the Bible, but this still gave me a confirmation.

In all, this lesson could push someone closer to God just because of pure facts even from non-Christian sources. Truthfully, the Bible is a great start to the Christian faith and just knowing that it is real and reliable makes all the difference.

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