If We’re Honest…

My name is Sarah Harrison, and I’ve been teaching at HCLC for about a year. From a teacher’s perspective, it baffles me how much harder life is for teenage girls than it was a handful of years ago when I was in their shoes. The pressure to look and act a certain way has multiplied since the invention of Instagram and Snapchat. I dealt with insecurity and feelings of unworthiness, but I didn’t have to photograph myself daily for everyone to see. I sought out love and acceptance but there were no “likes” or “favorites” to quantify my worth. On the blog today, three young women share how HCLC has helped them through these trying times.


HCLC has made my life better. When you walk in, you can feel the positive vibes, you are always greeted by a smile. It always boosts my mood. They make you feel important and try to help you as much as they can. Last year, in my class, I got comfortable real quick, I was able to open up and break out of my shell, and I was able to make friends. They really do care about you. They don’t just say it to say it. It has really changed my life and I am so sad that I’m a senior and this is my last semester.



I have taken HCLC for two years, and it has been very beneficial to me and my relationship with God. All the classes are different, but one common lesson or theme has been the Bible. Every day we have a devotion and go through some verse or passage from the Bible. It has taught us important lessons and actions that God has called on us to live by. Aside from this thought, it has taught us how to take a couple of verses or a passage from the Bible and be able to read it, go through, and understand what it is saying. The Bible can often times be hard to read and really know what it is saying especially when you go through it on your own, but through the course of HCLC we have learned how to do this and it has become easier to understand when reading. Not only this, but we have also went through a study of why the Bible is reliable and historically accurate. It showed us how the Bible is proven to be accurate even from non-Christian sources. It also helps us to better understand how to react to the questioning of others. Through my course of taking HCLC, it has improved my relationship and knowledge of God, and it has taught me how to apply what I have learned outside of just this class.



HCLC is an amazing classroom. It teaches about relationships and how we are supposed to respect each other. We learn how we have to put on some limits in the relationship. It also helps you talk about your problems, and people from HCLC can help you out with something. You can privately talk to them or share with the whole class about your problems because some of the students have gone through the same thing as you and can give you good advice. In HCLC, they will never judge you for what you have done or for what you are. They might not always agree with your choices, but they are going to be there for you if you really need them.



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