Guy-Day Friday

Teenagers get a bad rap these days. Adults rarely give them the time of day before laying down a harsh judgment about their generation. At HCLC, we’ve found that when we get to know these young people, show them God’s unconditional love and grace, and inform them with the truth of God’s Word, they have so much potential and goodness inside of them.

Below are the stories of three young men who we have had the pleasure of teaching this semester. Please hear them out; we bet you’ll find that they don’t fit the millennial stereotype.


The class teaches you about dating and relationships and how to come across as respectful and trustworthy in a relationship. I have not been taking HCLC for long since I moved because of Hurricane Irma’s devastation on St. Thomas in the U.S. Virgin Islands. But, this class has taught me how to handle and trust my partner in many different ways as we further our bond and grow stronger as a couple. So, I thank the teachers and our community for welcoming me and my brother and teaching me these ways of dealing with relationships.


This place is great and the people are nice. I have been treated like somebody here, and that doesn’t happen at a lot of places. At other places, I’m the odd one, but here I can think and release frustration. Everyone here has treated me fair and has helped me in my life. It may not seem like it, but I’m grateful to have y’all help me in my life.


My experience with HCLC was pretty good. The atmosphere here feels good and it’s a nice break away from the high school. The teachers here are loving people who treat the students nicely. It is really nice to have a devotion every day of the week, especially if you are busy or have practice and don’t have enough time at home. HCLC is just a great Christian learning class to have.


One thought on “Guy-Day Friday

  1. Good testimony for HCLC from the young men. Hold on to the knowledge you receive there; it will benefit you for the rest of your life in any endeavor you begin. May the Lord bless you and the other students attending there.

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