My name is Erin and I am a Junior at Habersham Central High School. I have attended Habersham Christian Learning Center (HCLC) for two years now and it has made, while continuing to make, quite the impact on my life.

As Christians, we are called to resemble Christ. In this generation, I have found it somewhat difficult to do so at times. Sadly, much too often we are surrounded by people I would call “lost,” whether it be in the halls at school or the local grocery store. For myself personally, I see HCLC as an escape – somewhere to dig deep in my faith, ask questions about things I do not yet understand, and learn more about who Jesus Christ is.

For some, following Christ appears to be a walk in the park, and because of that I thought I was doing something wrong for the longest time. Through the people at HCLC, I have learned that that’s not always the case, there will most definitely be challenges encountered while walking with Jesus. Of course it will be easier to be on fire for God while in places where the people around you are doing the same.

Yet, if the feeling of being on fire for Christ is so amazing, then why are we allowing ourselves to put the flame out when our surroundings change? HCLC is inspiring me daily to become a match in the middle of a box of candles that are not yet lit for Christ. I am longing for my light to shine so bright that when the candles see me they see my light that is Christ, and they catch that fire too. 

As a teenager, or possibly at all ages, I believe it is extremely tempting to become so wrapped up in earthly things and troubles in everyday life that we lose total sight of what our life could be. Day by day, HCLC is helping me to become closer to the voice of truth all while drowning out the other whispers attempting to bring me down.

From the moment I walk through the door at HCLC there is a sense of comfort, as well as acceptance, something so rarely, rarely seen outside that door. I am beyond grateful for what God is doing through HCLC, not only for me, but for so many others.

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