Four Common Misconceptions about HCLC

We wanted to take a moment today to be Thoughtful, and maybe get into a bit more detail than we usually do. Many of you are aware of HCLC, but some of your peers and friends may have a few misunderstandings about our mission.

We want to clear some of them up on this Thoughtful Thursday.

So here are 4 Common Misconceptions about HCLC and our responses:

1. HCLC is part of the school system.
While students who take courses at HCLC get an elective credit for passing the class, HCLC is an independently operated and funded nonprofit organization. The only thing we share with Habersham County Schools is our students. If we were a part of the school system, we could NOT read the Bible, pray, and teach Christian principles to our students (like we do on a daily basis).

2. HCLC teachers receive the same benefits that Habersham Central teachers receive.
*see #1* We are not funded through the county school system. Our utilities, materials, staff salaries, and transportation are all provided through generous donations from churches, individuals, and civic organizations. Our staff loves what they do so much that they are willing to make 2/3rds of what a public school teacher (with the same education and experience) would make. HCLC staff do not receive pension upon retirement and do not have health insurance.

3. HCLC is only for Christian students.
We gladly accept students of all faiths at HCLC! Students must voluntarily take the class; each student must turn in a permission slip. In the past year, we’ve had Atheist, Wiccan, Buddhist,and Jewish students. We love the opportunity to share the gospel with a diverse group of students, and they love having a place where they experience God’s love.

4. HCLC will always be around.
This one is not entirely false. We hope to serve Habersham as long as God will have us! BUT, we are only funded 6-8 months in advance, and this is the best financial shape we have ever been in. That being said, if our donors stopped giving today, we would close by Christmas.
We are doing God’s work and He has blessed us over the last 35+ years, but we still have to do our part. A neighboring county’s Christian Learning Center closed 5 years ago due to lack of funding.

Let’s be clear, we can do what we do because of donations from the community.

Public school students get to PRAY and read their BIBLE during their SCHOOL day!

From now until graduation, our goal is to find 1000 people to give $10/month. This would cover 60% of our annual budget. As of today, we have 91 of those slots filled.

YOU, this community, energize us to carry the gospel to these teenagers. Our donors LITERALLY power us by paying our utilities and keeping the lights on. Please consider partnering with us. Call us to sign up for Automatic Monthly Debit, or click here to sign up through Paypal.

If you can’t give financially, please keep us in your prayers, and share this post on your profile to educate your friends about HCLC’s mission.

Are you 1 of the 1000?